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Instant Knockout Review – Instantly KO The Stubborn Body Fats

Are you tired of exploring the multitude of fat burning supplements in the market? As well as totally confused about the choices and decide which is really the best fat burner for you? There is no doubt that the market is flooded with numerous weight loss supplements and the number is rising with the new entrants every day. However, Instant Knockout is one popular fat burner supplement that has risen in popularity and fame among the weight-loss aspirants especially men. Therefore, this in-depth Instant Knockout review is going to explore each and every fact behind the claims made by the manufacturer. We are going to find out whether this supplement is really worthy or just marketing hype? So, let’s dive in.

About Instant Knockout Diet Pills

instant knockout review bodybuilding

Instant Knockout is an amazing fat burner supplement that aids in your weight loss journey. It is manufactured by a renowned supplement company that is known to produce prominent weight loss and bodybuilding supplements like TestoFuel.

It is a fat-burning supplement whose objective and the differential is to spend more energy and burn calories leading to healthy weight loss.

The supplement was initially used by athletes and MMA fighters to burn their body fat, increase testosterone levels and energy. But now it is also found safe and effective for those who just want to shed their excess body fat.

Benefits of using Instant Knockout –

  • It helps in healthy weight loss
  • It boosts up the insulin sensitivity
  • Helps in lowering the cholesterol level
  • Helps in suppressing the appetite
  • It increases the testosterone level


Instant Knockout Ingredients

instant knockout ingredients

Green Tea Extract – It helps in boosting energy and burn fat through a greater boost in thermogenesis. Weight loss effects of green tea are not hidden from anyone.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds – It works to promote thermogenesis, which basically raises your body temperature by burning calories stored in fat and increase insulin sensitivity.

Glucomannan – It helps in suppressing your appetite and craving for carb foods along with slowing down your digestion so you get as many nutrients as possible.

Caffeine Anhydrous – If you are a coffee drinker then you should be careful with Instant Knockout. If you take the full daily dose of 4 pills, you take 350 mg of caffeine that is equal to 8 cups of coffee.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 is directly linked to the body’s metabolism and is vital for increasing how quickly you can process fat and turn it into energy.

Vitamin B12 – This is a very important vitamin that is directly linked to DNA reproduction and the development of red blood cells for effective transport of oxygen throughout your body.

GTF Chromium – It’s actually a mineral that I didn’t pay much attention to, but there is good evidence that it plays a key role in insulin sensitivity and fat storage.

Zinc – It is directly linked to testosterone production and we all know how important this simple hormone is when it comes to building muscle.

Piperine – It improves thermogenesis, which results in more calories burned to produce energy. But at some stage, fat loss will not be as critical as maintaining BMI.

Green Coffee Bean – It brings a substance called chlorogenic acid, which several studies have shown to help with both fat loss and fat absorption.

How Does It Work

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Instant Knockout is a supplement focused on fat loss that works to improve the functioning of the metabolism, causing the user to lose weight naturally. Users can have a higher metabolism, fat burning, and energy to achieve healthy weight loss while reducing fatigue. Another differential is that the supplement promises to help control appetite, another plus point for those who want to lose weight.

Additionally, the product’s formula aims to help the body convert body fat into extra energy, making it more effective and burning faster. Another plus point is that the supplement aids in water retention. Instant Knockout is an amazing fat burner that claims to help in achieving healthy weight loss in four easy steps.

1. Fat Loss – Instant KO is usually marketed as a fat burner supplement. It helps in burning the excess body fat stored in various parts especially in the stubborn areas through the thermogenesis process.

2. Increased Energy – Instant KO helps in increasing energy level due to the composition of caffeine. If you want to lose weight in a healthy manner, it is important that your body maintains the energy level.

3. Appetite Suppression – Without suppressing the appetite, no fat burner could be a complete weight loss supplement. Instant KO also helps in suppressing the appetite so as to stop craving for unhealthy foods.

4. Increased Testosterone – Different from other fat burners, Instant Knockout also increases the testosterone level so as to assist in healthy weight loss and building up the lean muscle.

Instant Knockout Side Effects

instant knockout side effects

Studies and reports found showed that the product does not have serious side effects like other fat burners, it depends on the user’s sensitivity to some ingredients in the formula. Even with less chance of negative side effects, some users have seen increased pimples and some mild allergies to the body.

According to some health portals, there are some possible side effects associated with diet pills formulated with ingredients like caffeine:

  • Increased pulse rate
  • Increase in anxiety and insomnia
  • Raise in blood pressure
  • May cause fatigue and digestive problem

Pros n Cons

Pros –

  • Helps in burning fat through thermogenic process
  • Supplement includes caffeine that helps in boosting mental performance
  • Helps in boosting testosterone production and muscle growth
  • Suppresses appetite to prevent craving for unhealthy food
  • Helps in burning more and more fat

Cons –

  • You need to consume 4 capsules a day that is quite hectic
  • The supplement is not approved by the FDA

Instant Knockout Dosage Instructions

instant knockout directions

It is recommended to take four pills a day, single pill four times a day. You can start off with two pills a day to avoid any intolerance. After one week, it is possible to increase to four pills. However, do not exceed the dose of 4 capsules per day.

It is recommended not to take the product on the days when the user is using alcoholic beverages. But on days without training, you can use it since it also works on the body at rest.

Do’s & Donโ€™ts to Boost Instant Knockout Results


  • Sticking to the schedule
  • Following healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Regularly use the supplement for at least 2-4 months


  • Taking it very late in the night
  • Using it in conjunction with other similar supplements

Instant Knockout Before & After Testimonials

instant knockout results

instant knockout hourglass

Instant Knockout is quite popular in the market due to its high claims, potent ingredients, effective results, and most importantly, positive feedbacks. On various platforms, customers have reviewed and rated Instant KO positively and reported that it has helped them in getting their desired results successfully. Click here to check more testimonials and before & after pics.


Q – Does Instant Knockout helps in weight loss and achieving an hourglass figure?

Instant KO surely helps you in losing weight through fat burning and boosting energy. Talking about the hourglass figure, this supplement is not designed to provide an hourglass figure, for that you need to follow a specific exercise routine.

Q – Should I take it with food?

Yes, actually that is the best way to consume any supplement as it reduces the chances of possible side effects such as stomach upset.

Q – Is supplement suitable for women?

Although, Instant Knockout is promoted as a fat burner for men but it is also similarly effective for women.

Q – Is Instant Knockout safe for consumption?

Yes, the supplement is formulated with 100% natural and herbal ingredients and therefore does not possess any side effects. Although, it is not approved by the FDA.

Q – Instant Knockout vs PhenQ – Which is the best fat burner?

Both fat burner supplements are pretty good and specific. You can read our detailed comparison on Instant Knockout vs PhenQ to find out which one is the best.

Q – What are Instant Knockout nutritional facts?

Overall, the supplement is very balanced with all essential nutrients. But the level of caffeine in 4 pills that means daily serving is about 350 mg which is quite high than normal range. Therefore it is advised to start with 2 pills day to avoid any sort of intolerance.

Q – Can I buy Instant Knockout in UK, Australia, and Canada?

Yes, the supplement is shipped worldwide which includes almost every country.

Q – Can I buy Instant Knockout on Amazon, GNC, and Holland and Barrett?

Yes, it is available on stores like Amazon but you cannot find it on your nearby stores.

Q – Is there any discounts offered on Instant Knockout?

No, currently the company is not offering any discount on their product but you can get a free bottle when you order the Ultimate Pack.

Instant Knockout Supplement Price

instant knockout price

One Month Pack (One Bottle Of Instant Knockout) – $59

Two Month Pack (Two Bottle Of Instant Knockout) – $118

Ultimate Shredding Stack (Four Bottle Of Instant Knockout) – $185 – Buy 3 Get 1 Free


Where to Buy Instant Knockout?

If you are planning to knock down your nearby supplement store to buy Instant Knockout then you cannot find it. The supplement is only available for sale online. It is always best to order you bottle from the official website so as to minimize the chance of manipulated product. Ordering it from the official website is very easy and secure way to get your Instant Knockout bottle delivered at your doorstep.

Instant Knockout Reviews – My Final Verdict

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Everyone intends to buy the best supplement available in the market. Most of them succeed while others get trapped by the fake claims made by the unworthy products. Instant Knockout has been found a legitimate product in my review. Obviously, if you are expecting it to be a miracle pill that will lead you to instant weight loss, then sorry to say that it is not meant for you as you are fooling yourself.

A better supplement means one with high-quality ingredients, effective, trustworthy, safe, and result oriented. Thankfully, Instant Knockout is one of those supplements. If you ask me, I would surely recommend you to give this supplement a try if you require weight loss along with boosting your testosterone level.

Felix Skeen

Hi, I am Felix M. Skeen, a professional weight trainer and weight loss expert. I help people to stay fit and loose extra pounds through my vital tips and ideas shared on this blog. I have also reviewed various weight loss and fat burner supplements that you can check in my review section.

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