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How Long Does It Take To Loose 20 Pounds Of Body Fat

Although, it can be more challenging to loose 20 pounds than 12 pounds. However, it is even easier to lose 5 pounds than 12 pounds. Notwithstanding, how long does it take to loose 20 pounds of body fat?

loose 20 pounds

As with anything in life, this answer will vary from one individual to another. Perhaps you have noticed there are products advertised in the market that promises you easier means of losing 20 pounds quickly. Well, you are here because you simply do not trust their empty promises. However, there is a simpler and easier means of losing weight โ€“ burn more calories than you consume. It is quite easy, but extremely difficult to stick. If it were that simple, why are you here? Is there anything magical about 20 when we talk about weight loss? It could represent anything such as your height or jeans size.

How To Loose 20 Pounds

Make a Genuine Assessment of yourself

Losing weight is personal because the amount of weight lost by John and Fred wonโ€™t be proportionally the same. It is relative depending on various factors. In assessing yourself to know how long does it take to loose 20 pounds on weight watchers, you have to visit your doctor. That is the first point of action to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo such exercise and routines.

Do you have any recommendations from your doctor? Are there restrictions on certain substances or diet? Once you carefully sort these out, the second thing is to take an honest assessment of your current lifestyle. Are you really an active person? Irrespective of the circumstances, giving an honest assessment is a step forward to weight loss.

What is your basal Metabolic Rate?

Here, you have to form an alliance with math if itโ€™s not your thing because you have to know your basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate is the number of calories you need for each day. This will help you to determine how long does it take to loose 20 pounds with diet and exercise.

Therefore, first, find out your basal metabolic rate. There is a simple formula to follow for both men and women respectively are:

  • 66 + (6.23 x weight (pounds)) + (12.7 x height (inches)) โ€“ (6.8 x present age)
  • 655 + (4.35 x weight (pounds)) + (4.7 x height (inches)) โ€“ (4.7 x present age)

Dieting, exercising, and patience win the game

As with any new diet plan, you may initially feel overwhelmed. However, donโ€™t give up instead focus on what you intend to achieve. Stick to your meal plan and track every calorie you take during this period. To avoid the stress of calculating your calories, there are weight loss websites and smartphone apps to do the math. However, you can use a pen and paper to track your record.

For a moment consider someone who is thinking of how long does it take to loose 20 pounds healthy without exercising. While trying to lose weight, any day you eat more, your exercise routine should also follow suit. Additionally, stick to a particular exercise routine during your weight loss adventure. Through exercise, you will burn your fat faster while growing stronger.

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Finally, patience is the key to losing 20 pounds of body fat quickly. To answer the question, how long does it take to loose 20 pounds on weight watchers all depends on everything discussed. Remember at the beginning we indicated that the time frame to lose a certain amount of weight depends on various factors. Yes, with a proper assessment of your current situation, knowing your basal metabolic rate, dieting, and exercising, you can loose 20 pounds of body fat quickly. Patience is not passive; therefore make a conscious effort to achieve your goal.

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